TOEIC Teacher?

A story from behind the scenes.


As a corporate training company, we do get requests for TOEIC classes. However, from time to time it can be challenging to find a "good" foreign trainer to teach TOEIC. They must have a solid understanding of the test itself and grammar in order to teach it proficiently. 


Quite a few years ago, we had outsourced one TOEIC class to an American from Florida. He said he had experience teaching it previously and he had written it on his resume.  Since all corporate trainers work independently on location, it is very hard for the company to know "exactly" what the trainer is teaching in the classroom. One good thing however, is that students will complain if the trainer has strayed from the lesson content. 


Well, one day we received a complaint from a student because the trainer, who was supposed to be teaching TOEIC, was instead teaching how to write your signature. For over an hour the student said, this goofball taught students how to sign their names. A complete clown!


When confronted about this buffoonery, the "teacher" said that he was well qualified to teach TOEIC and that HE was "the best teacher" in Japan, that HE had ever seen. 


Needless to say, this nut job was quickly fired. 


Companies that do corporate training trust their students to be fair when judging and evaluating trainers, because we can't monitor everything, since all training is done onsite at the companies, out of our vision. In this case, it was a "good" complaint. 


What does goofball mean?


What does clown mean?

It also means idiot in this case.


What does buffoonery mean?

It also means stupidity in this case.


What does nut job mean?








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