Welcome back!! It's 2022! We at PCL hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We are going to start our blog with a great idiom. One that you can express with an action. Roll one's eyes is something Westerners do to show disbelief, disdain or annoyance. Example 1 My sister rolled here eyes at one of my stupid jokes. Example 2 Don't roll your eyes at me! When I tell you to do something, make sure it's done or you can find a new job.
Happy Holidays to all our students! Our goal is to continue to help those who want to learn English, specifically Business English. If you are struggling then feel free to get in touch with us. All the best to everyone at New Years and in 2022!
Christmas is approaching, and we hope everyone has a nice holiday season. Our idiom for today is, down in the dumps. This means someone is depressed or sad. Example 1 I don't know why, but Carol is down in the dumps today. Maybe she's having a tough time with the new boss. Example 2 Martha has been down in the dumps for the past week, since Tom and her broke up.
As we head closer to Christmas, we hope everyone is enjoying opportunities to speak English. If not, we do offer Business English lessons at a very competitive price. Our idiom for today is get going. This has three meanings. * to leave. * to cause someone to begin talking about a topic they really want to. * to begin taking action. Let's look at an example of each. 1. We have to get going or we'll miss the train. 2. Don't get Tom going about his trip to Florida. He'll never stop. 3. I need to...
The weekend is here. Any plans? Our idiom for today is face the music. This means someone has to experience the negativity for their actions. Example 1 You stole the bike and they caught you. Now you have to face the music. Hopefully they won't put you in jail. Example 2 You shouldn't have thrown the ball in the house. Now, you've broken Mom's expensive vase and you'll have to face the music when she gets home.
Hello and welcome. Today it's cool and rainy in Tokyo. Our idiom for today is keep an eye on... something. This means to closely watch something or someone. Example 1 Would you please keep an eye on my bag while I go to the bathroom? Example 2 We'll have to keep an eye on our investment. If it drops too much, then we'll have to sell. Example 3 I'll have to keep an eye on the steaks. I don't want to burn them like I did last time.
Hello to all our followers. Another beautiful day in Tokyo! Today our idiom is a bump in the road. This means a problem that happens on your way to success. This phrase is meant for just a temporary let-down. Example 1 Don't worry about not getting a good TOEIC score this time, it's just a bump in the road. Just keep studying and you'll get that 900. Example 2 The project we have been working on, hit a bump in the road when our team leader got sick and had to be hospitalized.
If you have been following the ongoing saga of Princess Mako then you know what is happening. Yesterday, the "former" Princess, married a commoner and wants to live a "peaceful life". What do you think? Was this a smart move or one she will regret? https://japantoday.com/category/national/Former-Princess-Mako-says-marriage-was-a-necessary-choice
Hello all our readers. Thank you for always checking our website for new words, phrases and idioms. It is finally cool here in Tokyo. Our word for today is behind. This word has several meanings, but today we will focus on the meaning of supporting someone. Example 1 It doesn't matter if you fail or succeed. I am behind you in whatever you want to do. Example 2 My wife is behind me taking this new job in Florida.
Hello everyone, how is your week going? Today our phrase is give or take. This means approximately. Example 1 A. How many people are coming to Thanksgiving dinner? B. Probably about 15, give or take. Still not sure if Sarah and her boyfriend are coming or not. Example 2 A. How old is this temple? B. I'm not exactly sure, but about 300 years old, give or take a decade or two.


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