Hello everyone! Summer is creeping in once again. It's very hot and a bit humid today. Our idiom for today is keep in mind. We can use this when we want someone to remember what we say or to emphasize a point. Example 1 Keep in mind, Joanne has only worked here for a few months, so she probably doesn't know our policy in regards to working late. Example 2 Everyone needs to keep in mind, the test will be on Friday this week instead of Thursday.
Welcome to everyone who enjoys reading our blog. Summer is nearing and many students have started to enjoy English again. Our idiom for today is load up (on something). One meaning is to gather, store or purchase a lot of something. Another meaning is when you eat something to get full. Example 1 - Purchase a lot of something Yesterday we went to Costco and loaded up on bottled water. It's great to have over the summer months when it's super hot. Example 2 - Eat something to get full We loaded...
Happy Golden Week Ya'll. Today our phrase to help you with your English ability is, What can I tell you? This means that something can't be explained further. There is no explainable reason. Example 1 A. How did you get 900 on your TOEIC test and not study? B. What can I tell you? I am just good at English. Example 2 A. So, you just took my car without telling me and then had an accident?? B. What can I tell you? I made a mistake and I'm sorry.
Welcome everyone to our blog. It is a beautiful spring day here in Tokyo. Our phrase for today is welcome to the club. This means that an unpleasant situation happened to you and at least one other. Example 1 A. I got caught in the rain today without an umbrella. B. Welcome to the club. The same thing happened to me. Example 2 A. It looks like I have to pay a lot of money to the tax office this year. B. Me too. Welcome to the club.
Hello to all our diligent students. Our idiom for today is back on track. This means to continue on as planned despite a problem that occurred. Example 1 This meeting seems to have gone in a different direction than we originally planned, so we need to focus and get back on track. Example 2 I had some trouble finding the exit, but after that, we were back on track.
How is everyone doing? Our idiom for today is roll with it. This means to adapt to unexpected changes. Example 1 I guess we're just going to have to roll with the new design changes. Example 2 I had no idea we needed to sing at the wedding, but instead of panicking I just rolled with it.
Another beautiful day in Tokyo! Our idiom for today is a whole new ball game. This means something or the situation is totally different than what you expected. Example 1 When I was young I used to babysit at my neighbors. But now that I am married and have a newborn baby, it's a whole new ball game. Example 2 Being an employee can be tough, but starting your own business is a whole new ball game.
Another beautiful day here in Tokyo. Our idiom for today is a kernel of truth. This means one piece of truth within a bigger story. Example 1 If there is a kernel of truth to what he said, then we are in trouble. Example 2 There may be a kernel of truth that these vaccines are dangerous.
Welcome back!! It's 2022! We at PCL hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We are going to start our blog with a great idiom. One that you can express with an action. Roll one's eyes is something Westerners do to show disbelief, disdain or annoyance. Example 1 My sister rolled here eyes at one of my stupid jokes. Example 2 Don't roll your eyes at me! When I tell you to do something, make sure it's done or you can find a new job.
Happy Holidays to all our students! Our goal is to continue to help those who want to learn English, specifically Business English. If you are struggling then feel free to get in touch with us. All the best to everyone at New Years and in 2022!


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