Hello to all our wonderful students who follow our blog to increase their vocabulary. Our idiom for today is nature's calling. This means that you have to go to the bathroom. Example 1 Nature's calling. I have to go to the bathroom before I get on the train. Example 2 A. Is nature calling? B. Yes! Do you know where a bathroom is?
Hello everyone! Today our idiom is loosen up. This means to relax and don't be so serious. Example 1 Don't worry about losing your job. Have a beer and loosen up. You'll find a new one soon enough. Example 2 I just need to loosen up. I've been so tense these past few weeks.
Happy Monday to all. Our phrase for today is help yourself. This means to take something freely, without worrying. Example 1 A. Can I have some pie? B. Of course, help yourself. Example 2 The coupon books are free, so help yourself.
Another beautiful day in Tokyo! Hope you are enjoying it wherever you are. Today our phrase is, next to nothing. This means that someone has almost nothing or a very small amount. Example 1 The pay at the new job is next to nothing, but I am happy I found something I like. Example 2 A. How much does it cost to get into the park? B. I heard it's next to nothing, so don't worry.
Welcome to our blog! Today our idiom is coast along. This means to do something without effort. Example 1 I just coasted along in my senior year of college. I took all the tough classes in my first three years. Example 2 We just coasted down the hill on our bikes. It was such a nice feeling.
It's a cool and rainy day here in Tokyo. Our phrase for today is shrivel up. This means for something to become wrinkled because of a lack of water. Example 1 The plants haven't had any water since we went on vacation. They are all shriveled up. Example 2 The corn is all shriveled up because we haven't had any rain in weeks.
Hello all! Today our idiom is sink in. This means for something to become understood. Or also something that leaves a strong impression on someone. Example 1 After listening to the lecture today, I needed some time to let all that information sink in. Example 2 We may not get to travel internationally for a few years because of all the government lockdowns. Let that sink in!
Hello all you wonderful students! Today our word is classic. We can use this to mean something was memorable. Example 1 Remember that night we all drank so much and Sarah puked everywhere? That was classic! Example 2 Do you guys remember the time we all went to the luau in Hawaii? That was classic. What an awesome trip.
Hello to all! It is one cold day in Tokyo, today. Stay warm out there! Our idiom for today is cruise by. This means to go and have a look at something. Example 1 I'm going to cruise by the mall and see if it's crowded today. Example 2 The police just cruised by. They must be looking for someone.
To all the people who study with us or have studied with us in the past... Happy New Year! 2021 looks to be another challenging year, but let's enjoy the world of English whenever we can to escape from our troubles. Looking forward to hearing from you in 2021!


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