Hello all our readers. Thank you for always checking our website for new words, phrases and idioms. It is finally cool here in Tokyo. Our word for today is behind. This word has several meanings, but today we will focus on the meaning of supporting someone. Example 1 It doesn't matter if you fail or succeed. I am behind you in whatever you want to do. Example 2 My wife is behind me taking this new job in Florida.
Hello everyone, how is your week going? Today our phrase is give or take. This means approximately. Example 1 A. How many people are coming to Thanksgiving dinner? B. Probably about 15, give or take. Still not sure if Sarah and her boyfriend are coming or not. Example 2 A. How old is this temple? B. I'm not exactly sure, but about 300 years old, give or take a decade or two.
Even though we are at the end of September, 2021, it is still hot in Tokyo, especially when the sun is out. Our phrase for today is control freak. This means someone wants complete control over every aspect of a situation or another person. Example 1 My boss is such a control freak. He criticizes everything I do. Example 2 My wife is such a control freak, she won't even let me make the bed unless it's done her way.
We've had some very nice weather lately. Today is no exception. Our idiom for today is screw one over. This means that someone has cheated you in some way. Example 1 I bought some luggage online, but they never delivered it and kept my money. They really screwed me over. Example 2 The airline really screwed us over this morning at Narita. We were supposed to leave at 7am this morning, but when we got there, they said the flight was full already. So instead of putting us on another flight, they...
It's a beautiful day in Tokyo! We hope you are enjoying it. Our phrase for today is fair's fair. You can use this phrase if you think the situation is fair and balanced for both sides. Example 1 I took the kids to soccer practice last week, so it's your turn tonight. Fair's fair. Example 2 Fair's fair. I have helped you many times with your PC. Now I need help, so let me borrow your bike.
It was a nice and cool today here in Tokyo. Lovely fall weather. Our idiom for today is two sheets to the wind. This means someone is drunk. Example 1 A. Did you see Charlie last night? B. Yep. He was definitely two sheets to the wind when I saw him at 8 o'clock. Example 2 How are you guys getting to the football game? None of you are driving because you're all two sheets to the wind.
It's a rainy day in Tokyo, but nice and cool. Finally! Our idiom for today is give it up. This means to stop doing something. Example 1 Give it up Stella! You will never be as good at English as Joe. Example 2 Oh, give it up already! I know you're trying to cheat me.
It's still very hot here in Tokyo. We hope the cool weather will be on the way soon. Our phrase today is speaking from experience. This means to talk about something you've had experience with, so are able to give a meaningful viewpoint. Example 1 I lived in Dallas Texas for several years, so speaking from experience, I can tell you, they love their football team. Example 2 My grandfather, who lived in East Germany, is speaking from experience when he tells you, Australia is looking more and...
Today has been a strange day with weather. A lot of sun and humidity, then clouds, then rain. Then a repeat again. Our phrase for today is "make yourself at home". This means to make yourself feel comfortable, as if you were at your own home. Example 1 Please have a seat and make yourself at home. Example 2 Come on in and make yourself at home. I'll be finished in the kitchen in a minute or two.
Do you study "Business English"? If you can speak conversational English, then perhaps it's time to consider moving in the direction of learning Business English. For instance, what would you do if you had to entertain a group of foreign businesspeople? Which of these would you choose? * take them to a restaurant * take them to an art gallery * play a game of golf * go to a bar * take them to a sporting event Developing your Business English skills can open many opportunities in the future.


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