What a beautiful day in Tokyo. Our idiom for today is fire up. In Example 1, it means to motivate someone or a group of people. In Example 2, it means to start or turn on a machine/engine/device. Example 1 The coach gave a great pre-game speech. All the players were fired up! Example 2 Let's fire up the old PC and see if it works.
Hello all! Our idiom for today is a walk in the park. This means something is very easy or effortless to accomplish. Example 1 That test was a walk in the park. Way easier than I thought. Example 2 Working two hours a day is a walk in the park since I used to work fifteen.
Good morning everyone. Our phrase for today is venture out. This means to proceed with courage into the world or to an unknown place. Example 1 After graduating college, he ventured out into the world to find himself. Example 2 We landed late in India last night, so we had no chance to venture out and explore the city of Mumbai. But today, we will go and see what India has to offer. Really looking forward to it!
Happy Monday everyone! Here is your idiom for today: Get on one's nerves. This means something is irritating. Example 1 I can't handle listening to that woman. Her voice really gets on my nerves. Example 2 Since the lockdown, due to COVID-19, my kids being home every day, is really getting on my nerves.
Happy Monday ya'll! Here is our phrase for today: tomorrow is another day This means tomorrow will be a better day. If you have had a bad day, or lack of success, then we can say this phrase. Example 1 A. I had a terrible day. Nothing went right. B. Don't worry about it too much. Tomorrow is another day.
Good Monday morning! Here is our idiom for today: swing for the fences. This refers to baseball, but we can use this idiom in everyday situations. It means to "go for it". Do more than usual, or to "try and hit a home run". Example 1 When we hired the real-estate agent we never expected him to go above and beyond, but he did. He came out swinging for the fences from day one. Example 2 It was the bottom of the 9th inning and the home team was down by 2 runs. They brought out a pinch hitter and...
It's an absolutely beautiful day. The sun is out and life is good! Our phrase for today is, be at a crossroads. This means to be at the point in time where an important choice or decision must be made. Example 1 I'm at a crossroads in my life where I have to choose my next career. Example 2 As a company we have reached a crossroads since the coronavirus hit. Should we focus only on the Japanese market or should we still look globally.
Good morning all, Our short phrase for today is, go on and on. As a verb it means for something to continue for a long period of time even though everyone is tired of it. Example 1 The game went on and on until one team finally scored. It was such a boring game to watch. Example 2 We wife just went on and on about how we have no money. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I went for a walk.
Hello everyone, A beautiful day out there! Today our idiom is, built like a tank. This means someone/something that is big, stocky and strong looking. Example 1 If you think I am big, you should see my brother. He's built like a tank. Example 2 Take my truck to the outdoor event. It's built like a tank.
Good morning all. Another beautiful cool morning out there and no rain! : ) Our idiom for today is, make one's head spin. This means something is shocking or confusing. Example 1 That movie was so scary it made my head spin. Example 2 Looking at legal contracts always makes my head spin.


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