Happy GW to everyone! Our phrase for today is okey-doke which is another way to say okay. The way to pronounce this is okee-dokee. But say it quickly. Example 1 A. Are you ready to go? B. Yes, just have to grab my cell phone from the house. A. Okey-doke Example 2 A. Can you grab my sunglasses in the car? B. Okey-doke, back in a sec.
Happy Monday to all our readers. Our idiom for today is the coast is clear. This means that it is safe to proceed. Example 1 You can come out of your house now. The coast is clear. Example 2 (In the bar) A. Is that guy still looking for me? B. Nope, the coast is clear. I think he left about 30 minutes ago. A. Thank goodness. He was so weird.
What a wonderful moment for Japan! This is such an unbelievable achievement for Hideki. What do you think about this? https://japantoday.com/category/sports/tears-and-cheers-as-matsuyama-victory-thrils-japan
Happy Monday to everyone! Our phrase for today is what do you know! This phrase can be used when you are surprised to learn something. Example 1 Well, what do you know, I just found $100 in my sock! Example 2 Well, what do you know! My sister just flew into town. I haven't seen her in years.
Hello all, are you doing okay? Our phrase for today is shop till you drop. This means to go shopping for a long period of time and buy as much as you want. Example 1 I just got paid, so I'm going to Macy's and gonna shop till I drop. Example 2 At the end of every month my wife shops till she drops. She spends so much money on clothes, it's ridiculous.
Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. Today's idiom is I'm all ears. This means you are ready and excited to hear what someone has to say. Example 1 I've been waiting all day to hear how your date went. Tell me, I'm all ears. Example 2 You told me you would tell me what happened. Well, I'm all ears!
Hello all! Today our phrase is go back a long way. This means that you have known someone for a long time. Example 1 Jon and I go back a long way. I've known him since high-school. Example 2 A. Do you guys go back a long way? B. Yah, we do! We went to university together.
Hello to everyone who checks our blog. We are happy to assist with English training. Please feel free to get in touch as you like. Today's idiom is up to speed. This means to be well-informed about something. Example 1 Is the new girl up to speed on how we deal with complaints? Example 2 Once I am up to speed on what's been happening, I will contact you again.
Hello to our wonderful students. Today our word choice is obsessed with. This means to be 100% completely focused on something or someone. It has a negative meaning. Example 1 My son is obsessed with soccer. All he thinks about and talks about is soccer, soccer, soccer. He doesn't even make time for his homework. Example 2 In the trial the stalker said he was completely obsessed with the actress. That's why he followed her everywhere and sent her thousands of letters.
Good morning and welcome to our blog. Our idiom for today is tough cookie. This means someone who is strong and is not easily intimidated. Example 1 Even though my Mom is 90 years old, she is still one tough cookie. Example 2 My close friend had a really rough and tough childhood. But I think that made him who he is today, one tough cookie.


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