It's still warm in Tokyo. I hope everyone is doing well. Our idiom today is twist someone's arm. This means to convince someone to do something that he/she doesn't want to do. Example 1 My boss wanted to eat pizza, but I twisted his arm to eat Korean BBQ instead. Example 2 She was happy to come to the show tonight. I didn't even need to twist her arm.
Finally we have some nice cool weather. Today our idiom is rock the boat. This means to do or say something will upset people or cause problems for people. Example 1 Don't rock the boat when you first start working for a new company. Example 2 I don't want to rock the boat, so I won't say anything.
We are well into the month of September, 2022. A typhoon approaches, but here in Tokyo, we still have blue skies. Our idiom for today is learn the ropes. This means to learn the basics of something, like a job. Example 1 Today is my first day on the job. I still need to learn the ropes, but so far, so good. Example 2 I started to ride horses about a month ago. I'm still learning the ropes, but I am enjoying my new hobby.
Summer for 2022 is nearing the end. We hope you all enjoyed it. Our idiom for today is back to square one. This means to start something over again because after you tried something it didn't work. Example 1 We had to go back to square one because our approach was completely outdated. Example 2 It looks like we'll have to go back to square one. We've tried everything and things just aren't working out like we thought. Example 3 In order to become a successful car salesman I had to go back to...
It is the middle of summer, and boy is it hot. Our idiom is rub off. The first meaning is to remove something off a surface by rubbing it. Example 1 Don't worry about putting lipstick on the mirror. It will rub off with a wet cloth. The second meaning is to have someone's behavior or characteristics adopted by another person. Example 2 I sure hope my husbands seriousness rubs off on our son soon. He doesn't take anything serious. Example 3 My daughter has been hanging around some bad kids...
Hello everyone! We hope you are enjoying your summer. Our idiom for today is "over time". This means that gradually something will happen. Example 1 When you save 10% of your monthly paycheck, over time, you will have a lot of savings. Example 2 As you get to know someone over time, their true character will show.
Hello everyone! Summer is creeping in once again. It's very hot and a bit humid today. Our idiom for today is keep in mind. We can use this when we want someone to remember what we say or to emphasize a point. Example 1 Keep in mind, Joanne has only worked here for a few months, so she probably doesn't know our policy in regards to working late. Example 2 Everyone needs to keep in mind, the test will be on Friday this week instead of Thursday.
Welcome to everyone who enjoys reading our blog. Summer is nearing and many students have started to enjoy English again. Our idiom for today is load up (on something). One meaning is to gather, store or purchase a lot of something. Another meaning is when you eat something to get full. Example 1 - Purchase a lot of something Yesterday we went to Costco and loaded up on bottled water. It's great to have over the summer months when it's super hot. Example 2 - Eat something to get full We loaded...
Happy Golden Week Ya'll. Today our phrase to help you with your English ability is, What can I tell you? This means that something can't be explained further. There is no explainable reason. Example 1 A. How did you get 900 on your TOEIC test and not study? B. What can I tell you? I am just good at English. Example 2 A. So, you just took my car without telling me and then had an accident?? B. What can I tell you? I made a mistake and I'm sorry.
Welcome everyone to our blog. It is a beautiful spring day here in Tokyo. Our phrase for today is welcome to the club. This means that an unpleasant situation happened to you and at least one other. Example 1 A. I got caught in the rain today without an umbrella. B. Welcome to the club. The same thing happened to me. Example 2 A. It looks like I have to pay a lot of money to the tax office this year. B. Me too. Welcome to the club.


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