Welcome back from a very long weekend! Did everyone have a good time? The weather has also begun to cool down which is very nice. Our idiom for today is, pay the price. This means to deal with the consequences of your (ones) actions. Example 1 Well, you cheated on the test and they caught you. Now you have to pay the price. Example 2 I am sure paying the price for staying up all night and drinking. I feel just terrible! I am never drinking again!
TGIF! We are in our Friday afternoon stretch. Only a few more hours and then a 4 day weekend. Any plans? Our phrase for today is, wait up. This has two meanings. The first meaning is to stay awake later than usual because you are waiting for someone to come home. The second meaning is a command you can use to have someone stop or slow down for you. Example 1 I have to work late tonight. Are you going to wait up for me? Example 2 A. Do you want me to wait up for you? B. No, don't bother. I have...
Hello all. Today our phrase (and gesture is), cross your fingers. This means you are hoping for good-luck. If you use the gesture itself, then you don't have to say, cross your fingers. Why? Because all Westerners understand the meaning. You make this gesture by crossing your middle finger over your index finger. Example 1 I bought a lottery ticket for the huge jackpot this weekend. Fingers crossed! Example 2 I submitted my application to Tokyo university. Fingers crossed I get accepted.
Hello everyone. Thank you for reading our blog as often as you can. Our idiom for today is, make up your mind. (make up one's mind) This means to make a decision after thinking about something for a while. Example 1 You'll have to make up your mind soon on what university you'll go to. Example 2 She needs to make up her mind on which dress she's going to wear to the dance. Time is getting short. Example 3 Did he make up his mind yet?
Hello everyone! Hope you're doing great on this Tuesday in Sept., 2020. Our idiom for today is, all walks of life. This means people from all ethnicities and socioeconomic classes (i.e. rich and poor). Example 1 I like when I join these international conferences. I always meet people from all walks of life. Example 2 If you go to any of the big airports, you can see people from all walks of life.
We have a brand new community to enjoy online. Have a look and see if it works for you.
Happy Monday ya'll. Hope you have a nice week ahead. Our idiom for today is, on the cards. This means very likely to happen or certain to happen. (Example 1) We can also use it to ask a person what the plan is. (Example 2) Example 1 It looks like flying overseas isn't on the cards this year. COVID-19 has really caused so many problems for airlines. Example 2 A. So guys, what's on the cards this weekend? B. We're going camping.
Happy Friday all. It's another hot one out there, so be careful! 33C plus the heat index gives us, 39C! That's warm for September. Our idiom for today is, in a nutshell. This means a summary. Example 1 Can you just tell me in a nutshell? I don't have time for the long version. Example 2 So, in a nutshell what you are saying is your new iPhone is awesome.
Good morning all. Today's phrase is, is that right. You can use this when you want to know if something said was true, or if you want to know if something is a fact. It can also be used to show surprise. And finally, it can be used sarcastically to show you don't believe someone or something. Example 1 A. Did you hear that Mr. Jones has the coronavirus? B. Is that right? No I hadn't heard. Is he doing okay? Example 2 A. I bet you didn't know this, but I have my pilots license. B. Is that right?...
Hello everyone! Today's phrase is, things will work out. This means that a negative set of circumstances will get better, it just needs time. Example 1 I know you didn't get your dream job, but things will work out. You're such a smart girl. Example 2 I am sure you must feel devastated losing your home to the typhoon, but things will work out.


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