Golden Week is upon us again. We hope everyone enjoys their down time. Our idiom for today is tighten our belts. This means a rigorous reduction of spending. Example 1 Now that the recession is here we need to tighten our belts. Example 2 I have to tighten my belt because I may lose my job at the end of my contract.
Hello everyone! We have been so busy with training that we haven't updated the blog recently. But never fear, we are here. Our idiom for today is play hardball. This means being firm and ruthless in order to get what you want. Example 1 Many people like the CEO and say he is a nice guy, but he can also play hardball when needed. He's a good guy to have on our team. Example 2 The last meeting we had with the client didn't go as I planned. They were really playing hardball. I will better prepare...
Good morning to all our students! It's still cold here in Tokyo. Looking forward to some warmer weather soon. Our idiom for today is pull the plug. This means to stop something or discontinue. Example 1 We had to pull the plug on the new project because nobody saw the benefits. Example 2 The company pulled the plug on all overseas trips due to corona virus.
Welcome to 2023! Our idiom for today is headhunt. This means to recruit the best people for a high level position. Example 1 I received a call yesterday from a recruiter who wants to headhunt me for a new position in Thailand. Example 2 My friend works for a headhunting company and he tells me that when he places a person in a new position he makes about $10,000. He makes so much money it's crazy.
We at PCL would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Looking forward to 2023!
Hello everyone. It's getting close to Christmas. All you ready for Santa? Here is our idiom for today. Bang for the buck. This means something that gives you good value for how much you paid. Example 1 I didn't think advertising in the local paper would bring so much bang for my buck. Example 2 Everyone I know is looking to get as much bang for their buck as possible.
Hello everyone! We hope you are doing well. Here is our idiom for today: break even point. This means to have no profit or no loss at the end of the business activity. Example 1 What is our break even point? Example 2 It took us 6 months to get to the break even point.
Welcome back to our blog. Is everyone having a nice day? Our phrase for today is a bad egg. This means someone who is not trustworthy and/or someone who causes problems in the company. Example 1 The new guy who works in the factory, seems to be a bad egg. Example 2 As soon as you realize you have a bad egg working in the company, you need to consider firing him. Otherwise he will bring the staff morale down and cause an unlimited amount of problems.
Hello everyone, we hope you are doing well and enjoying the fall weather. It's been a busy time for us at PCL, but we really like to help people with their English. Our phrase for today is ahead of the pack. This means to be more successful than your competitors. Example 1 If we want to stay ahead of the pack, then we have to keep innovating. Example 2 Next year I heard we will get a larger budget. The Managing Director wants to stay ahead of the pack, so we need to invest in research and...
We are now into the fall. Beautiful weather for the Westerners who live here. Our phrase for today is, in a nutshell. This means using as few words as possible. Example 1 In a nutshell, we need to increase sales quickly, otherwise we will be out of business. Example 2 Tell me what you want to say in a nutshell.


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