Hello everyone. How are things today? Here is another important point to know when learning a language. Use English as a tool. When you have a chance to speak, do that for as long as you can. Ask questions, answer questions with as many details as you can. Even if that means a few words. Watch and learn what the "native" person does. His/her facial expressions, intonation, use pictures and or gestures to communicate with this person. Absorb what they are saying as much as you can, even if you...
Good morning everyone. Have you ever thought about "learning" a language? There are many steps, but one of the most important steps is to focus on the language content that is relevant to you. For instance, if you have to give an English presentation about a topic you are familiar with, but unfamiliar with how to deliver an English presentation, you will most definitely learn the structure of an English presentation and then practice it many times over before giving it. Right? Especially if...
Have you ever wondered how to learn a language? One of the keys is to "live the language". By this we mean: a) read it b) write it c) speak it d) listen to it e) watch it f) sing it g) work in it h) put your phone in the language you are learning i) make mistakes and learn from them j) make English fun
Good afternoon all. In today's blog, we would like to share a quick story about finding a "good" and "qualified" teacher. In our experience dealing with western trainers, it is difficult to find that "really good" teacher. Some talk too slow in class, others talk too fast. Some rush through materials, others move too slow. Some don't know what's important to learn a language, others don't know what isn't important. Just to give you an idea, out of 100 teachers in Japan, 5 are okay and only one...
Good morning! We hope everyone is enjoying their day so far. English translation software has it's place and we encourage people to use it to help their study needs. However, if you look up a word or phrase and use it, the next logical step is to store it in your memory bank. How do you do that? For beginners, type the word or phrase into your smart phone under the "notes" icon. Then continue to look at that word and refer to it until you are able to use it in conversation. But you must create...
Since you are looking at our website, you are most likely interested in learning English or perhaps you are interested that your employees continue to learn English. Then what should you do? This is a difficult question to answer in a short blog, but we will say, it is vital to create the chance to speak to someone using English. There are many YouTuber's nowadays "teaching" you how to learn English, but do they really help? To some extent yes, but overall, the answer is definitely not.More...
Hello everyone! Today's phrase is a good one.You can use on many different occasions. " These things happen ". This means that it is common for something unfortunate to happen or for people to make mistakes, so there is no use worrying about it. Example 1 A. I can't believe I sent the wrong order to my customer. My boss is very angry. B. Don't worry about it. These things happen all the time. Example 2 A. I feel terrible. I broke your glasses. B. That's alright. These things happen and it was...
Another splendid day here in Tokyo. Our idiom for today is, " come out on top " This means to win. Example 1 This year, the Yankees came out on top of their division. Example 2 Our team wants to come out on top, so we need to put in more effort.
An absolutely beautiful day here in Tokyo. The temperature is 22C in November. Gotta love it! Our idiom for today is "on a power trip". This means that someone is using excessive power to control others. Example 1 Ever since Karen became manager, she has been on a power trip. She seems to love bossing everyone around.
Today our idiom is "big year". This means to have an extraordinary or beneficial year. Example 1 Our company had a big year, last year! We increased profits by 150%. Example 2 The New York Yankees are going to have a big year, this year. They have the best pitchers in the American league.


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