We hope everyone is enjoying the nice cool weather. Today's idiom is, "talk up a storm". This means to energetically talk a lot in a certain amount of time. It can also be used for other verbs as well, such as dance, eat, write, etc. Example 1 Every time I see my Grandma she is talking up a storm. I guess she has a lot to talk about. Example 2 After passing the entrance exam every one headed out to the bar and danced up a storm.
Hello everyone, we hope you are doing well. Today's idiom is "skyrocket". This means that something moves ahead or forward with breathtaking speed. Example 1 After having a disappointing year in sales, the company's new product helped to skyrocket revenue. Example 2 The underdog scored 5 goals in the third period to skyrocket past the defending champs. What a game!
We hope everyone is enjoying the Rugby World Cup 2019. Please take the time to watch the Scotland vs. Japan highlights in English to help learning in context. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZA0AnSdbBI
Good morning to all the English language users who access our beautiful site. Today's idiom is, "time is up". This means that the amount of time allowed to do something or finish something is over. Example 1 Okay everyone, time is up. Please bring your test papers to the front of the class. Example 2 Oh my goodness, time is almost up. We have to hurry and finish this project by tomorrow or the boss is going to go hog wild.
Finally in Tokyo, we have some nice weather. In celebration to this beautiful weather, here is our phrase for today. "Doesn't matter to me". This means you have no preference. Example 1 A. Where would you like to have dinner? B. It doesn't matter to me. I like all kinds of food. Example 2 A. What airline would you prefer we take, JAL or ANA? B. It actually doesn't matter to me. I have air miles for both.
Finally, a cool day, even though it's 25 C here in Tokyo in October. Today's phrase is " hope for the best ". This means to be hopeful that something positive will happen. Example 1 Now that we submitted our proposal, all we can do is hope for the best . Example 2 Times are really tough these days. It's so hard to find a job. I keep hoping for the best, but I haven't gotten any call backs.
英語コラム · 10-01-2019
一度、英語のことを忘れてみよう。中学から高校、大学と10年間も英語を勉強したのに話せない・・・その気持ちわかりますが、まずは一度、英語のことを忘れて、他の外国語をはじめて学んだ時の事をちょっと考えてみよう。 大学では、第二言語を選びます。どの言語を選びましたか?...
Here is our phrase for today, "worth every penny". This means whatever you paid for, was well worth the price. Example 1 This new computer I bought is worth every penny. Example 2 My degree from Tokyo university was worth every penny. It really helped me find a great job!
Today is a bit hot in Tokyo. The temp is close 30 C. For the end of October, that's crazy. Solar minimum is at play. Here is today's phrase; " come in handy ". This means something is useful at a certain time. Example 1 It's a good thing I brought along a jacket. It was a lot cooler than I thought it would be. It definitely came in handy . Example 2 I think this diet book will come in handy when I want to lose weight.
According to the weather forecast here in Tokyo, we will continue to have summer temps until Oct. 21st. Incredible for this time of year. The solar minimum is really starting to shift the weather patterns. Today our idiom is "stretch the truth". We can use this when we want to say, someone is making the story bigger than it actually is. Example 1 He said he was the best golfer in the city. He was good, but he was not the best. He always stretches the truth. Example 2 Most guys like to stretch...


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