Hello everyone! Today we have another idiom for you. "stiff competition" This means that the competition is tough. A lot of similar companies are competing for one thing. Example 1 Softbank wants English lessons for their employees, so they had all the English companies in Tokyo submit an estimate. It was stiff competition, but we got the contract! Example 2 There are many car companies these days, and because of the stiff competition, they have to keep lowering prices.
Today we have an idiom for you. "In a jam" This means to be in a tough situation. Example 1 I double booked two of my meetings and now I'm in a jam. Do you think you could go to one of the meetings for me? Example 2 We're in a jam because I lost the keys to the rental car, and their office doesn't open till 9am.
Another beautiful day in Tokyo. The sun is shining and the wind is not so strong. Today we have an idiom for you. "Out of the blue" This means completely unexpected. Example 1 I was eating at Whole Foods in Hawaii and out of the blue, I saw my high school friend from Canada. Totally unexpected and an awesome surprise! Example 2 This Coronavirus came from out of the blue and really put China into the world spotlight.
Today we have another idiom for you. "Leave an impression" This means to have a strong impact on someone, either positive or negative. Example 1 The new recruit left a very good impression on the HR manager. I think she will get the position overseas. Example 2 The Democratic party and main stream media have left a terrible impression on the country with their endless hate and propaganda towards President Trump.
Hello everyone! Today we have another idiom for you. "Brick by brick" This means doing something continuously, step by step.Especially in creating something or taking something down. Example 1 We started this business from our own apartment and brick by brick we built it into the biggest retail chain in the country. Example 2 The Democrats have been slowly breaking down the immigration laws, brick by brick over the last few years, in order to get votes from illegal aliens.Very sad to watch...
Hello everyone, today is Friday, January 31st, 2020. Our idiom for today is, "high horse". This means that someone has an attitude of moral superiority. Example 1 I wish my boss would get off his high horse and actually do some work. He talks to us workers as low-lifes. Example 2 My older brother should get off his high horse and stop lecturing me. He was just as wild when he was younger.
It's a beautiful day in Tokyo! 17C and it's January 29th. Today, our phrase for you to put in your idiom bank is "look on the bright side". This means to focus on the good, rather than the bad, in a situation. Example 1 A. I just lost my job and I have no money to pay rent. B. Well, look on the bright side. You can move back in with your parents, rent free, and stay there till you find another job. Example 2 Every day I try and look on the bright side of things, but it's hard when my health has...
One of the best ways to watch your improvement in learning English, is to record a video of yourself at different times in your life. You will also find that you can see your weak points. How you look or how you fidget or how you move your mouth compared to Westerners who use the language every day. These videos will play an important role over time, so make the effort. Happy learning.
Today is a cold one in Tokyo. Our theme for today is reading. In order to really "acquire" a language, you have to read it.Reading helps you learn vocabulary and grammar through osmosis. One of the best ways to acquire the English language is to read something you are interested in, in your native language, let's say a baseball game review and then read about the same game review in English.This will give you some context before moving on to read about the same game in English. You may not...
It is the weekend! We hope you are enjoying your free time. Are you speaking English? One thing to remember when you attend any type of English class is to come ready to speak. As soon as you arrive in the classroom or if you are studying English on Skype, be prepared to speak. If you are prepared then jumping in and contributing to the conversation will be much easier and much more rewarding for you and the entire class. Don't expect or wait for your teacher to ask you a question. Get in there...


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