The Olympics are about to begin. It will be interesting to see how things turn out. Here is our idiom for today; back to the drawing board. This means to start something again from the beginning because things are not working out like you thought. Example 1 We have to go back to the drawing board because our ideas on how to solve the problem, failed. Example 2 The inventors of the airplane had to go back to the drawing board on many occasions because their designs failed many times. Example 3...
Happy Monday to all. Today our idiom is how on earth. We use this as a form of exclamation. For example when we want to show surprise, disgust, shock or even anger. The "how" part of this idiom can also be replaced with the "Wh" words, such as When, Why, What, Where and Who. Example 1 How on earth did you eat all that food? Example 2 Why on earth are you going to Myanmar now? There is a civil war happening.
Another hot day here in Tokyo! Are you enjoying yourselves? Our idiom for today is laze around. This means to take it easy; just lay around the house and don't do much. Example 1 A. What are you going to do today? B. Just laze around and watch some TV. I think there is some golf on. Example 2 Stop lazing around and go clean your room!
Hello everyone and we hope you are enjoying your weekend. It has been a hot one! Here is our topic today. Have you ever considered to take over a property and fix it up? Have you ever thought about the costs needed to fix up an abandoned house? This article discusses some of the basics. On a side note, many westerners would love this opportunity....
Here in Tokyo, Shohei Otani is quite popular. He follows a long list of players who made it to the MLB. What do you think about Japanese players going to the US to play ball? What is it that lures the young and talented to go overseas to make it? Here is a recent article of young Shohei: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2021/06/30/baseball/mlb/too-much-shohei-ohtani/
Have you ever thought about learning "Business English"? Many people are intimidated by the concept, but actually, if you study English using business as a theme, it can help you in many ways. One of the biggest ways it helps is, it allows you to become comfortable with terms that we all use on a daily basis in an office setting. Why limit yourself to only Japanese? Keep your options open because you never know when you may need to switch jobs or even countries to land your dream job. Contact...
It's a nice cool, but humid day in Tokyo. We hope you are enjoying it. Our idiom for today is swept away. This means to be overwhelmed, usually in a positive manner. Example 1 Her beauty just swept me away. Example 2 Many of my Japanese friends who come to visit Canada are completely swept away by the vast amount of land we have.
Hello everyone, We hope you are enjoying your day and week. We picked out an article that we found interesting. What do you think about a company like UBER EATS hiring foreigners to deliver food? https://japantoday.com/category/crime/uber-japan-referred-to-prosecutors-over-hiring-of-overstayers
How is everyone doing today? It seems that we are entering raining season. Here are our key words for today, wipe away. This means to a) clean something or b) destroy something. Example 1 a) I told my son to wipe away the tears after he lost the game. Example 2 b) The storm has wiped away the entire village.
Welcome to our blog. Not sure if any of you are following the Carlos Ghosn story, but it is quite interesting. https://japantoday.com/category/crime/exclusive-carlos-ghosn-pledges-lengthy-fight-to-clear-his-name


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