Making A Chance To Speak English

Since you are looking at our website, you are most likely interested in learning English or perhaps you are interested that your employees continue to learn English. Then what should you do?


This is a difficult question to answer in a short blog, but we will say, it is vital to create the chance to speak to someone using English.


There are many YouTuber's nowadays "teaching" you how to learn English, but do they really help? To some extent yes, but overall, the answer is definitely not.More often than not, they are some kind of entertainment for you, but nothing more than that.


You have to make the chance to speak your target language. That could be using Skype, enrolling in an English school or taking a company class provided to you by your employer. Making friends from foreign countries or even traveling overseas to study English and practice speaking in a real setting.


There are many ways, but the bottom line is to speak English as often as possible. 








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