Acquiring A Language

In our blog today we would like to discuss something called the "monitor hypothesis". This is how you should be focused on learning a language.


This is a theory that says if you study grammar over and over for months or even years, as is the case in Japan, when you go to speak English, you will think of grammar first before you actually speak. Therefore the grammar you have learned will get in the way of you actually speaking the language in a natural way.


So, the message is, stop learning grammar. Stop focusing on grammar. If you really, really like grammar, then in the future, after you become semi-fluent to fluent,  go back and study it. Or if you really want to look at grammar while you're acquiring the language, then look at it for a minute or two each day, that's it. 


You should be focusing 99% of your time on listening, reading and speaking the language, not on grammar, writing or memorizing.

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