Pet Peeve

Good morning to all.


Today in our blog we will talk about pet peeves. 


What is a pet peeve? 


It is a continuous source of annoyance for an individual. 


This writer has two pet peeves that take place EVERY winter in Japan. Let me explain what they are.


The first one is about gloves. Every time I walk outside, in the winter months I wear gloves. In Japan, I barely EVER see anyone wearing gloves. Their hands are red from the cold, so they put them in their pockets or just deal with the cold. I would like to ask these people, "What are you doing??" Have they ever heard of gloves?? Take 20 bucks out of your wallet/purse and go buy a pair. This is my first pet peeve.


My second pet peeve is about coats. When you are out walking in the winter months, I am sure you have seen people walking with their coats wide open (not doing the buttons or zipper up) and looking like they are cold. I mean, "What the heck are you thinking??" The clothing manufacturers include buttons and or a zipper so that YOU can do it up. So, do your coat up! 


Coming from a western country this drives me nuts! 


These are two very good examples of pet peeves.

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