Be Inquisitive

One of the most important things to remember when learning a language is to be inquisitive. 


What does inquisitive mean? 


It means to ask questions. To be curious.


Now this is where Japanese culture comes in to be a hindrance to acquiring the English language "in Japan". The culture in Japan is one of don't ask and don't tell. Just let things be. Don't bother other people.


So, it is basically impossible for students to ask each other questions of meaning, of value. It's more of, "Do you like ice cream?" This type of question is seen as not too invasive. Very superficial, and very safe.


So, you can see why this part of the Japanese culture won't allow students to thrive in what should be a country that uses English as a second language.


The mindset of EVERYONE studying the language HAS to change before students will become semi-fluent in the language.







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