Lock Down

This lock down caused by the so called "virus" has to be looked at in a serious light.


The economic devastation to the economy is not something we have EVER seen in human history. So, it makes this writer believe there is something more to this than meets the eye.


Bill Gates and his ilk need to be investigated with the full power of the law as he has money invested in vaccinations. The only problem is, the United States is absolutely full of corruption in every area of government, so we would most likely never get to the bottom of this.


In 2022 we will face a "real" pandemic which will cause the death of 10's of millions because we are in a mini ice age, caused by a solar minimum, not by CO2 as Bill Gates would have people believe. This solar minimum creates cooler temps and we know that these cool temps cause illnesses and famine. 


So, please be prepared for the next pandemic and food shortages over the next few years.



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